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Bio SITIA Organic

The organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is produced from organic biological olive cultivation (organic farming). This is an extra virgin olive oil with a maximum acidity of 0.5%. As with all Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Bio Sitia Organic is produced from the "Koroneiki" olives exclusively grown in the Sitia Province.

In accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91 as well as other subsequent regulations setting out the legislative framework about organic production of agricultural products, organic farming is defined as a management system of agricultural exploitations that enforces considerable limitations to synthetic fertilizer and pesticides usage. These regulations further define that organic farming promotes objectives such as the production of quality goods that do not contain residues of agrochemical substances, the development of techniques friendly to the environment, as well as the implementation of cultivating methods that restore and preserve soil fertility.

It can be used for drizzling, dressing salads and for cooking, where it reveals its exquisite flavor which is so characteristic of Cretan cuisine.

500 ml glass bottle

*Click here to see the DIO Certificate of Conformity of organic products.



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